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The National Cultural Center

The National Culture Centre is a professional organisation creating methodologies, providing consultancy and guaranteeing protection and presentation of part of the intangible local and regional cultural heritage with a specific focus on the development of cultural and educational activities.

Main pillars of the activities of the National Culture Centre are:

Leisure time artistic activities
Traditional folk culture
Culture education
Culture research and monitoring

The National Culture Centre is a state subsidized organisation subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of the SR. As the only organisation of its kind it has a nation-wide competence and it represents the state in the area of general cultural activities as defined by the effective legislation.

Important national events organised and guaranteed by the National Culture Centre from the beginning of their existence include:

Východná Folk Festival – the paramount festival of traditional folk culture

The Scenic Harvest – the paramount national theatre festival with international participation – the highlight of the amateur theatre and artistic recitation season

Why I am happy in the world - an Original Slovak Art Project, The key project of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic aimed at drug addiction prevention

Days of Traditional Culture – an international project connecting traditional culture activities with educational events among the Visegrad Four countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary)